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Click Pause ... Then Play.

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Feburary 2018

Click Pause Then Play.

Sometimes, the world could really use a pause button.

Life is never ending. Nothing ever really stops. All the things that makes our world beautiful - all of it’s flavours and senses and colors - can be overwhelming. We dwell in the moment, get stuck in all of the world’s twists and turns, and lose ourselves in the everyday deluge.

In such moments, it often seems all too easy to forget all the splendor life has to offer. It’s times like these where people have to find the time to truly slow down and "click pause".

The process of "pausing" can be tiring and cumbersome. Even so, however, being able to rewind - to take life piece by piece, step by step - can be invaluable in building up to your goals. Starting small and working upwards is something that can help anyone. As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”.

All of history’s greatest achievements have been brought through similar gradual and progressive steps. Take the construction of Rome, the American moon landings, or even your own successes, for example - they all started with a small goal and took time before eventually becoming something bigger. Ultimately, being able to establish a focused agenda and continually work towards your ends is crucial in being able to find achieving greatness.

Having established a goal doesn’t immediately resolve the issue, it’s just half the puzzle. While setting goals is an important, the true value is measured in how much you embrace them. That’s the next half of the puzzle, “how” do I click “Play”?

Each one of us go through something different, so there is no formula we can follow to jump out of a slump. It’s not taught at school, home, or by anyone. Finding a source of energy to execute our goals, shifting our mentality, and establishing a new purpose is all about what means to you the most. When you have found that source and truly begin to utilize it will be when you make a mental click and know “when” to click “Play”?

It’s not taking a step back when evaluating how to get better. Falling down is a major part of rising up more than we realize. These moments not only help us learn about ourselves more, but allows to grow as people. Eventually, we will all run into difficult challenges at school, our jobs, or in our life which will test us in various ways. However, it’s these moments that we can look back at where we “Clicked Pause” and “Then Play” to ultimately pull through the difficult challenges we face or will face.


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