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Off the flight. Grab a RedBull. Chug. Code. For most, this is the vision of a typical Hackathon. But there is so much more to Hackathons than meets the eye. So what is a hackathon?

Hackathon (Noun) : Hackathons are 12-36 hour coding competitions in which participants gather to program projects in a cohesive and collaborative manner. Prizes are generally awarded to the best overall product.

But what makes a Hackathon “worth going to”? The answer lies in the ‘in-betweens’: working together with a variety of programmers, attending interactive workshops, and developing teamwork & leadership skills are the defining characteristics which make Hackathons so appealing. All individuals of varying skills are welcomed to learn about new technology and build upon their existing interests.

The opportunities to meet new people, learn, and develop new interests are all rooted in the aspect of Perception. As Hackers apply their knowledge and collectively pool their understandings together, they foster mutual growth and development. Each team member can harness his/her individual skills to help participate in their own unique ways, combining their respective insights into into an amalgamated solution. This fundamental concept of individuals being able to express your their ideas and thoughts remains as the most crucial component of a hackathon.

These workshops attended, “ahh hah!” moments shared, and contributions made were possible through the unique thinking patterns each one of our minds have. This leaves endless space for growth in a variety of areas. New ideas or feedback we may receive on our own projects during the event may lead us to areas we haven’t explored. Similarly, we have the opportunity to develop new ideas or build upon our current ideas and incorporate new features. The possibilities are limitless.

Hackathons provide us incredible resources to build on our passions and explore new interests, but this special environment created is built by Hackers. Every line, diagram, laugh was a result of this ability to perceive problems in a special way. Overall, Hackathons are a great opportunity to individuals to share their own viewpoints and grow through a variety of mediums.


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